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Back in 1998, I started to put my love of shopping to work. The Internet was booming, and shopping sites were all the rage. The majority of the sites online then were exclusively online, with no physical stores. Shopping could be risky, and often was a case of bait and switch.

Then came the bust of the Dot Coms and the face of Internet shopping changed radically. Now, most of the shopping sites I see are outgrowths of physical stores and the quality has vastly improved. Shopping is much more secure thanks to newer technology and secure servers. Many of these virtual stores offer returns at the online shop as well as retail stores, and all offer the convenience of 24 hour shopping. They add features like overnight shipping and gift-wrapping with just a few well-placed mouse clicks instead of racing around town to get these errands done. Best of all, most offer discounts and sales not available in their physical counterparts.

My philosophy is that these have to be shops that *I* would shop at, and be willing to spend time and money at. They all have to have secure servers, or use a secure third party clearing house like PayPal. As a fairly savvy shopper, I also look for clear return and privacy policies. Having a physical location and live customer service are huge bonuses. For clothing sites, are their sizes clearly posted and/or explained? I have personally visited each and every site listed, and looked for these features myself. If a site doesn’t have all of these features, but still offers a great shopping experience, I may still list it, but will definitely comment on what is missing. It is not a slam, but is intended to it out to other consumers. Because I visit each and every site before it is listed, it may take a few days for a link to appear. Please be patient!

Some other sites are worthy of being listed simply for the service they offer, or my past relationship with them. Not all links here are sponsored by any means. To limit this site to only those who offer compensation for the advertising space would limit the experience for many many great websites don’t even have an affiliate program! If you have a website that you feel should be listed here, by all means, please use the link below and let me know. I will happily look into adding it to this site. On the other hand, if you have a negative experience with a site listed, I also want to know. I am not always able to assist you, but I can certainly remove them from this mall or note the level of service you received.

This site (and all other sites that I own and maintain) NEVER collects or harvests your email address. Any email coming from one of my domains is a spoof, and should be treated as a virus. I don’t respond to such emails myself, so why would I fill your email box with such garbage? I don’t bid on words with paid “search engines” because they don’t really reflect what is available on the web. I do request placement with other popular search engines, and most of my traffic comes from this source.

And before I forget – this is a family oriented site! While there may be a couple of links here that may be on the border, I have decided that after a careful visit that they can be listed here. If you are looking for sites of a more “mature” outlook such as gambling, tobacco products, alcohol, books, and videos, you won’t find them on this particular site. This is not to censor what is sold here, but more a statement that not all shopping sites are appropriate to children surfing the web alone.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope I have introduced you to some new sites for shopping! If you do have questions or problems or think you should be listed here, you can reach me at webmistress at bcybermall dot com

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