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Advertising Policy

First, I want to thank you for taking the time to check my site. I check yours just as carefully before I list it. I am different, and not afraid to be so.

I list sites *I* like, not just everything out there. I love to shop and it shows. I spent 8 years living out in the Texas Hill Country and being able to shop online became ever more important to me. This is not just a list of links, but a labor of love – a collection of some of my favorite sites to shop, and ones I want my friends to know about. I love having choices. If site A doesn’t have exactly what I want, I want to conveniently visit Site B and Site C, too. This means that you might be listed right next to your main competition. It would be just the same in real life, out there on the streets. There are reasons your customers are loyal to you, and I am here to help point that out.

Though I now live outside the United States, I still have a following along with a large number of friends and family that do visit my sites on a regular basis. The sites represented here all have a US presence, and the language used is exclusively English. Please don’t let my location be a hindrance to our relationship!

I decided to use the graphic banners wherever possible because they seemed to give the best overall picture of what *your* site has to offer and yet be reasonable on load times even for slower connections. Likewise, I have tried to describe what I felt were the highpoints just as if I was talking to my best friend to tell her about this great new shop that I have just found. Yes, I could go smaller or just use a text link. But, does that really picture what you are about?

I do visit each and every site I list. Why? Because if I have not been a past customer of yours, I may be a future one. I want to know what my referrals will experience, and what makes your site unique. I make sure that every site has a good customer service area and clear return policies. Is it easy to navigate? What were my favorite parts of your website? Last, I look at the value your site will add to everyone’s shopping experience.

I do not ever bid on keywords nor do I pay for search engine placement. I don’t spam, do email campaigns, use pop-ups or unders, or do anything that will annoy *my* visitors as well as yours. I make sure the sites I refer to are the same way. In short, I run my site with a strong sense of ethics. I am fiercely loyal, and will not swap your links out with anything else – that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Most of my traffic has been gained by years of link exchanges, non-paid search engine placement, repeat customers, and links to and from my other domains.

Again, thank you for your time, and I hope this helps you make a decision. Some of the sites listed here I have had a relationship with since 1998, and I hope to be able to include yours in that select list.

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