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Why Shop Online?

Here are just a few reasons I shop online

  • It saves TIME because you never stand in line to checkout!

  • No GAS wasted in traffic or getting lost driving all over town

  • So there is no location near you or even in your state? Who cares?

  • Shop anytime, day or night

  • You don’t have to get dressed up to shop.

  • No need to break your back carrying packages to the car, which then become targets for thieves


  • FREE Shipping! Even if it isn’t free, you probably saved the shipping cost and more by not driving to the store.

  • Wider choice of stock because there is no floor space to worry about

  • No bags around for nosy kids to get into.

  • Many sites offer gift-wrapping service, so all the hard work is done!

  • You are less likely to impulse shop because all those checkout items are not dancing in front of your eyes

  • Likewise, it is a great way to stay on a diet and shop. No food court aromas, no candy at the checkouts.

  • Many sites offer lower prices online because of lower overhead.

  • Some sites offer affiliate-only deals, meaning you save more by shopping from sites like this one.

  • You can still support local shops while shopping online. I have tried to note which online shops also have traditional stores.

  • Many etailers with real stores allow you to take your returns there instead of mailing them back.

  • And likewise, many etailers will also ship items to their local stores for you to pick up FREE.

If you are still worried about the reputation of the site you want to shop on, check their reputation through BizRate or The Online Better Business Bureau. Most sites listed on this shopping website are tried and true, meaning they have been in business for a while or are very well known. If they sell on eBay, check their feedback. If you try a site I recommend and have a bad experience, by all means please let me know so I can remove them! If you are worried about using your personal information such as credit card numbers, please know first that all sites are using encryption. If you are still wary, look for sites that accept PayPal or Google Checkout and use that service instead.

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